Investigation and Analysis of Empirical Field Seismic Damage to BFSWMS

Document Type: Original Article


School of civil Engineering, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, china


To understand the seismic damage characteristics of bottom frame-wall buildings and to study their seismic performance, the seismic damage outcomes of bottom frame-wall structures in Du jiang weir by the Wen chuan earthquake on May 12,2008 ,China were field observed and studied. the investigation and study of the seismic damage to the bottom frame-wall masonry in Du jiang weir urban show that the damage to the type of structure system is serious and includes damage to the bottom frame, the bottom storey, the transition storey, the bottom node and the rear longitudinal wall, Combining with the failure characteristics, the failure reasons and mechanism are analyzed, and the corresponding treatment measures are given. However, a substantial number of bottom frame seismic wall masonry structures (BFSWMSs) after 2000 are basically intact. The field inspections team sampled 2178 buildings of the urban ensemble observation. A considerable number of buildings seismic fortified have shown excellent seismic performance in Wenchuan earthquake, which sufficient illustrates the significant role of seismic fortification factors in structural design.Through the investigation and analysis of its empirical seismic damage, the main measures to improve its seismic performance are put forward. The above analysis results can provide a reference for seismic design and the revision of seismic intensity scales.


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